• Educational & Interpretive Family Sessions
    • Supportive guidance for care teams based upon communicative styles and disease progression
    • Mediative-style appointments for care teams
  • Long-term Care Facility Navigation & Advocacy
    • Education regarding long-term care options recommendations of most appropriate level of care, facility meeting attendance, etc..
    • Assistance with admission paperwork, move timelining, physical admission, etc...
  • Aging Companionship & Activity Care Plan Creation
    • Attendance to special events, medical appointments, travel supervision, etc...
    • Personalized engagement plan based upon interests and ability, such as a personalized music playlist
  • Caregiver Stress Reduction Assistance
    • Evaluation of caregiving structure
    • Individual supportive guidance sessions regarding role reversals, care team creation, realistic expectation, etc..
  • Needs Assessment of Current Living Scenario
    • Safety review and recommendations
    • Referral to appropriate services to encourage independence


How Can

I Help?

I find that it is important to share what a geriatric care manager can do. I've listed just a handful of offered services here. Most of my clients are adult children that do not live near their aging parent(s). I am honored to serve as their advocate!

I encourage you to contact me, so we can set up a complimentary consultation to review your families needs, dynamics, and expectations.

Upon the completion of this appointment, a brief proposal is provided that will address short-term and long-term goals and the associated hourly rate. Package options are available for ongoing needs or particular projects.

To protect all parties involved, please know that I have full liability insurance and am bonded.