​​Are you a placement agency?
No, GuidedAging is not a placement agency. However, I do help clients figure out the most suitable long-term care options for their loved one. Typically, I do this for clients who I already have a relationship with and have worked through their big picture needs like budget, legal, social, medical, and cognition concerns.

My background is in long-term care facility administration, and I still carry my Administrator’s Certificate. By staying up to date on current licensing rules, I am able to give you realistic expectations for care settings.

How do you get paid?
I do not take private medical insurance or Medicare. I am paid directly by my clients on an as-needed basis; I do not take a retainer. My hourly rate is based on your location and whether services are in-person or virtual.

Are you a caregiver?
No, I am not a caregiver. However, GuidedAging works closely with caregiving agencies and private caregivers throughout San Luis Obispo County. We are able to assist families in finding the right caregiver option, provide training for the caregiver on the individual's specific needs, serve as the point of contact for the caregiver, and oversee full management of caregiving staff.

What areas do you serve?
GuidedAging primarily serves clients in San Luis Obispo County and northern Santa Barbara County. However, we are able to support families anywhere in the United States through phone and online virtual communication.

Are you taking new clients?
We typically operate with a full client load. However, I can provide a complimentary consultation to assess your concerns, goals, and timeline. If GuidedAging is not a fit for your family’s needs, I will suggest other places you can find assistance.

Do I need a physician's referral for your services?
No, you do not need to be referred. Most of our "referrals" come from families who we have supported previously. This is the highest honor! Please feel free to contact me directly.

Can you move my loved one to their new home?

Yes, let's talk about it. We have moved individuals just a few miles down the road as well as all the way across the country while overseeing the whole process.

Are your dogs therapy dogs?

No, but the pugs love making friendly visits! Just ask!

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