"My family was lucky enough to work with Jenny Molinar during one of the most difficult times in our lives—through my mother’s cognitive and physical decline due to early on-set Alzheimer’s. Going through this process was challenging on many levels, but Jenny made the process so much easier for all of us.

"In the earlier stages of the disease, Jenny came to our home to assess how my mom was doing and give us guidance on how to provide the best care in our home for as long as possible. Eventually, when my mom needed more care than we could provide, Jenny helped us find a wonderful care community and supported us through every step of the transition. While this was one of the most difficult experiences of my life, Jenny made the process much easier through her genuine care, incredible attentiveness and vast amount of knowledge and experience. I felt very comforted having Jenny “by my side” knowing I could always contact her with any questions or concern I had. I honestly felt like Jenny was an angel who descended from the heavens during our hour of need and I am forever grateful for the help she gave my mom and our family during a very difficult time. I can not recommend Jenny and her services highly enough."

— Lynne Biddinger, Atascadero, CA

"A diagnosis of dementia begins a challenging journey for the patient, and their loved ones. From that beginning Jenny Molinar guided our family through the options and learning curve with expertise, compassion, and a dedication to be with us through the toughest times. And she was. Jenny’s many years of hands on experience with dementia patients, and their families, enabled her to attend to the complexities of each family member. She creatively assessed our collective needs and desires for the best care possible for our mother. She calmed our fears with truth and comfort. Jenny was and is thorough, sincere, and an extraordinary trailblazing professional in the universe of dementia. Absolutely highly recommended!" 

— Sher Roberts, Arroyo Grande, CA

I am honored by these kind words from families who I have assisted. Please let me know if you would like to speak directly with any of them to better understand their experiences.

Offering support & guidance for your journey.


“In 2010 my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. The family was understandably in shock. We did not know what to do and began to search for options. During that process we met Jenny Molinar. Jenny offered to visit our family at home to assess the needs of the entire family. With that information, she insightfully detailed for us what might lay ahead for all of us in treating mom's disease and recommended the best course of action. Jenny did not minimize the impact that this disease would have on all of us regardless of which option we chose. We decided to place mom in a memory loss facility. Jenny continually coached all of us on what to expect during each step of the placement process. It went as well as could be expected. During mom's 27 month time in the facility, Jenny was always available for consultation and remained proactive in helping the family cope and nurture mom. In retrospect, I feel Jenny was a godsend.” 

— R.J.I., Pismo Beach, CA

"Making the decision to get more help for Mom and move her from her home into a memory care home was one of the most difficult decisions we ever made.  Luckily, we were blessed to have Jenny’s guidance and counseling to assist us as Mom made the transition to her new home.  As the disease progressed, Jenny’s caring, experience and foresight and her willingness to listen and comprehend the family’s concerns helped us better understand what was happening, and what we might expect to occur, so that we were able to provide good and loving care to Mom until the end." 

— Craig McCollum, San Luis Obispo, CA​

"It is an honor and pleasure to recommend Jenny Molinar. I met Jenny at a time when I was completely overwhelmed with how to best deal with taking over guardianship of my dear uncle who had been declared incompetent.  Every area of  his life and well-being needed management, and I had no idea how or where to start. Jenny was able to communicate with me in an extremely sensible, knowledgeable and compassionate way. She was always available for questions and encouragement. Working with Jenny over several years was invaluable to my growth and self confidence as a guardian. Her gentle and kind sense of humor softened the hard edges of frustrating and scary situations. Jenny inspires trust...her smile lights up the room. She is genuine and caring....professional and wise." 

— Sandi Esselstrom, Antioch, CA